Getting Started with The Seventh Level



What part of your company can benefit most from The Seventh Level Engagement Framework?


Employee Relations

To foster productivity and culture in the workplace, you need engagement.



To capture the attention of potential leads, you need engagement.



To build passionate brand followers,
you need engagement.



But, what is engagement? Everywhere you look, people and platforms have different definitions for engagement.

Yet, it’s the foundation on which we connect with each other, brands, employers and even our significant others. Because without engagement, we are apathetic. At CatalystCreativ, we believe that engagement is the invisible force that guides our experiences and our decision making. Understanding and harnessing it allows you to build connections with human beings that drive belief and action. 

Adapted from the renowned work of education researchers Bangert-Drowns and Pyke, The Seventh Level Engagement Framework empowers every individual with a language to define, understand and improve engagement.



Find out what level people are engaging with you. 


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